Molang with Ice Cream Amigurumi

My friend liked the molang that I have made very much, so I decided to make a molang with an ice cream for her birthday!

crocheted molang with ice cream amigurumi

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! yup it costs S$20 for 1

    2. Haizz ><
      Very unfortunately .. I was Malaysian :(

      But I still will support your hand craft ^^

    3. Thanks for your support!

      I can send it to Malaysia if you are interested. The shipping costs about S$2.

      Btw this is done using a pattern shared by a Malaysian too!

    4. Thx for share ^^

    5. Hi I would love one of these, can you send to new zealand?

    6. Hi Matthew,

      Sure, I will be able to send to New Zealand. The postage will cost around S$3 ~ S$3.50 (NZ $2.70 ~ NZ$3.20). Please drop me an email at or a private msg at facebook page: to discuss the details if you are still interested.

      Thanks a lot!