Amigurumi Beaver

Finished an amigurumi beaver today following a pattern that I had bought from PlanetJune. However, since I was trying to replicate a soft toy that I had, I made some modifications to the legs and added a top hat and bow.

crocheted soft toy beaver replica amigurumi

The beaver is made out of 100% acrylic yarn and I had quite a hard time making it. Guess my crochet skills still need a lot more work.

Amigurumi Bird

Finished an amigurumi bird for another friend today. I followed the pattern from but I had made some modifications to the beak because I do not have any felt cloth and personally I feel that pasted felt cloth may not last very long. I may be wrong though :P

crocheted blue bird amigurumi

The yarn I used is 70% merino wool + 30% nylon which is also very soft and nice to touch.

First Amigurumi Bear

Finished my first amigurumi bear for my friend today. Struggled with it for quite a while because it had been even a longer time since I last crocheted. I got the pattern from an amigurumi book I bought.

crocheted bear amigurumi

The bear is made out of Japanese cotton silk yarn which made the bear to be very soft and nice to hold.