Despicable Me Minion Amigurumi no. 3

Finally back to some crochet action! Did another Despicable Me Minion with a different hairstyle for another friend today.

crocheted 2 eyed despicable me minion amigurumi

Did not do it for a long time and I sort of forgot some parts and the eyes ended up smaller than it should be >< 
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. This one I would simply adore to be able to crochet. Thing is, I have no idea how to crochet and have no one to show me. Long shot, but I'm asking: could you possibly make a youtube video to show me how and either post it? Thanks

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for your interest in my pattern :) How about viewing these videos by planetjune?
      The videos are great and I had personally learnt from them when I just started out :)

      I think this is a faster way than me making a youtube video as I do not have any idea how to make a video tutorial and will possibly take ages to make one :P

      Do get back to me if the videos do not work for you and I will try to see if I can help you in other ways :)