Despicable Me Minion Amigurumi

Did a Despicable Me minion as my friend had requested for 1. Since I could not really find any patterns online, I had to come up with 1 myself. Spent quite a lot of time making it but I am quite satisfied with the results :D

crocheted 1 eyed despicable me minion amigurumi

Heehee I personally like it a lot because it is so cute but too bad I had to give it away to my friend :/

Totoro Amigurumi

Made a totoro doll for my friend following the pattern from However, I realised that the pattern is for the totoro's blue small eared friend so I made a modification to make the big eared grey totoro that my friend wanted. It still does not really look alike the grey totoro though, because the grey totoro is supposed to have whiskers.

crocheted totoro amigurumi

Pouch with lining

Finished a pouch with lining today. I had bought the pattern from a shop and as usual I had made some modifications to the pattern. I added a pink rim to the top of the pouch.

crocheted pouch with lining

crocheted pouch with lining

The yarn is a mix of acrylic and nylon and the lining is of Japanese cotton material. The zip is a bit too short for the pouch though :/ and I should have hidden the zip behind the lining instead.

Flower Bag Accessory

Saw some sweet crocheted flower patterns online and tried to make some today. I decided to make a small bag accessory using the flowers and some ribbons that I had bought not too long ago.

crocheted flower accessory for bag

Crocheted Coaster

Made a crocheted cat face coaster today by modifying from a normal circular coaster pattern. Quite happy that it turned out fine.

crocheted cat coaster

The coaster is made out of Japanese cotton silk yarn and I had added a piece of purple felt at the back to hide all the ugly sewing at the back :P

Amigurumi Beaver

Finished an amigurumi beaver today following a pattern that I had bought from PlanetJune. However, since I was trying to replicate a soft toy that I had, I made some modifications to the legs and added a top hat and bow.

crocheted soft toy beaver replica amigurumi

The beaver is made out of 100% acrylic yarn and I had quite a hard time making it. Guess my crochet skills still need a lot more work.

Amigurumi Bird

Finished an amigurumi bird for another friend today. I followed the pattern from but I had made some modifications to the beak because I do not have any felt cloth and personally I feel that pasted felt cloth may not last very long. I may be wrong though :P

crocheted blue bird amigurumi

The yarn I used is 70% merino wool + 30% nylon which is also very soft and nice to touch.

First Amigurumi Bear

Finished my first amigurumi bear for my friend today. Struggled with it for quite a while because it had been even a longer time since I last crocheted. I got the pattern from an amigurumi book I bought.

crocheted bear amigurumi

The bear is made out of Japanese cotton silk yarn which made the bear to be very soft and nice to hold.

Double Knitted Striped Scarf

I had read about the technique of double knitting online and decided to make a stripped double knitted scarf for my Hokkaido trip.

double knitted striped scarf

It is made out of 100% wool and the double knitting had made the scarf a bit hard :/ I am also not very sure on how to end off the scarf and so the ending looked a bit weird :/